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QA Engineer

Reference: JAN20193853
Expiry date: 17:30, 07 February 2019
Location: Bradford
Salary: Competitive
Benefits: Pension, 25 days holiday, Shopping discounts/cashback, contributory health plan, life assurance

This will involve understanding requirements, questioning assumptions and understanding how the system is being used in order to ensure what’s being delivered meets the specification while maintaining the quality and usability of the system.

QA Engineers are expected to help gauge the amount of effort involved with new functionality and levy the knowledge within the team to make sure the changes are made in the best way and where possible within the expected time allocated. QA Engineers will be responsible for helping analyse the impact of changes, ensuring that all effected areas of the systems for a change are known.

As part of the QA team you will be expected to engage with our support teams to reproduce, diagnose and ensure issues are resolved correctly by the development team. This may include feeding back to support on the route causes so this can be passed back to our users.

You will be responsible for the quality of our releases and expected to test and sign off on all release candidates before they go to production. This will be done via a combination of automated and manual testing which you will be expected to contribute to. As part of this role you will be expected to maintain and work towards furthering your knowledge of automation. 

You will use your technical abilities to help troubleshoot and maintain the quality of new development and existing systems. You will work to reproduce the root cause of issues to fix the problem and not just the manifestations of the issue in the system. You will be expected to have security in mind with all testing to ensure information can only be accessed by those with the rights to see it. 

You will be responsible for writing test cases for changes going into the system that will describe the tests that need to be run. These test cases should be as detailed as possible so they can be run by testers or users alike.

You will also be responsible for monitoring the bug backlog regularly to ensure issues that are no longer valid are closed and changing priorities are reflected in the backlog. 

What you’ll deliver 

  • An assurance of the high quality of our products and confirmation they’re achieving the requirements
  • Estimates for new work based on information given around the requirements
  • Work with Development and UI/UX teams to insure a consistent look, feel and quality of the system
  • A willingness to question requirements and ensure that what’s being delivered is fit for purpose & consistent with the rest of the system
  • Detailed reports of issues either raised internally, by users or noticed in day to day work
  • Validation of fixes to existing bugs, either raised internally, by users or noticed in day to day work
  • A focus on security and system permissions to minimise risks of bugs in new development
  • A positive attitude & team mentality
  • Regular updates of progress and any potential impacts to the deadline
What you’re like


You will have a strong focus on quality and a desire to better the product in everything you do.

You will endeavor to learn about the company/client’s requirements & ways of working in order to understand the rationale behind new functionality and change requests

You will have a desire to work in a team environment and be able to recognise your shortcomings and other team members strengths. You should be willing to engage with other members of the team to strengthen your abilities and to help out other team members with your knowledge.

You will have the ability to manage your time efficiently and make sure any issues are communicated back to the stakeholders as early as possible in the development process.

You will have an open and honest personality preferring to speak up about any issues so they can be addressed as soon as possible.


It’s essential that you are

  • Proficient in replication and isolation of bug causes
  • Maintaining a basic knowledge of SQL or MySQL
  • A team player
  • A good communicator

It is desirable that you have

  • Recent commercial experience testing web applications
  • A desire to learn and further the knowledge of the team
  • A keen interest in technology and security
  • An interest in automated testing

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