Digitise the needlessly difficult paper- based process of onboarding new hires

Linking Your Onboarding Process To Your Ats Will Improve Candidate Experience And Reduce Lost Candidates


Make onboarding your new hires a simple process

The Challenge


You are still chasing personal information for new starters on their start date


Transferring new starter information is a manual process managed by email and paper


Job offers are given over the phone and sent out by post, causing a delay in response

The Solution

Capture New Starter Information

It can be a challenge to gather all of the relevant information from your new hire before their start date and transfer it to your payroll and HR system. We make it easy for you by capturing all of the relevant information within the same system they were recruited through. This information can then be easily transferred over to the relevant third party systems.

Fulfill New Starter Equipment Requirements

Your new hire may require a uniform, a fuel card, a laptop, or even a car, but how do you confirm all of these details before their first day? Our onboarding process allows you to capture all of the relevant information, including clothing sizes and special requests, on a simple template form that can be emailed to your new hire and returned back within the system.

Go Paperless

Paper has its uses, but when it comes to your recruitment process, paper can cause problems. Removing paper from your hiring process will not only reduce your time to hire, but it will create a more efficient and streamlined process as well as saving money.

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Accept and Reject Online

At the point of job offer, speed is key. If your first choice candidate rejects your offer you need to act quickly in order to secure your second choice candidate. By allowing candidates to accept or reject a job offer online, you can make the necessary changes should you receive a rejection response in literally minutes and have a response equally as fast.

Pass Data to HR or Payroll System

Transferring new hire information can be a monotonous and time-consuming task, not to mention allowing room for human error. With Vacancy Filler, new hire information can be downloaded via CSV and uploaded to your HR or Payroll system in seconds.

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