A CV doesn't always give the full picture; use our recruitment services to highlight the best talent

Let us do the heavy lifting while you focus on the final sifting.

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The Challenge


Your HR/ recruitment team is too small to dedicate sufficient time to each application


You need a more effective method of assessing a candidate’s suitability for the role


You only want to get involved when the best candidates are at the final stages of interviewing

The Solution

Application Sifting

Receiving lots of applications is great for your recruitment campaign but it presents a new challenge for your hiring team, sifting through applications can take a lot of time and ensuring that every application is given a fair chance is even harder to measure. We can work to a criteria provided by your hiring team and filter through the applications that your job advert receives, leaving only the relevant applications for you to consider.

Skills-based Tests

If you are recruiting for roles that require certain skill levels, you can use our skills-based tests and ensure that any candidates continually meet your criteria, making the application process easier for all involved.

Managing Interviews

Engaging relevant candidates is an exciting time for a business looking to hire new employees, but the back and forth communication to arrange interview times that work for both the candidate and the business can be a challenge. We can manage the interview arrangements for your campaigns and ensure that not only are the interviews dealt with efficiently, but a quality candidate experience is received.

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Video Interviewing

You don’t always get to meet your candidates before you interview them so it can be difficult to know if they are going to be a good fit for your business culture. With our video interviewing feature you can see and speak to potential employees and also use this feature to interview candidates overseas.

Telephone Interviewing

After the initial sifting phase, you can sometimes be left with a number of candidates that is still too big to interview face to face. Our recruitment services team can carry out telephone interviews that look for specific skills sets that you require, further filtering out unsuitable candidates.

Managing Garden Leave / Notice Period

Once you have selected the perfect candidate for your business, it’s quite common that they may need to go through a notice period or garden leave – this is a period that counter-offers and alternative offers can come in to play. To overcome this, we maintain communication with your chosen candidate to keep them focused on a career with your organisation, however, should something change in their circumstances, we will inform you quickly to allow the necessary actions to be taken.

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