The same, high-quality candidate experience, managed on your behalf

A professional and engaging service delivered to every single one of your candidates

When candidates apply to your organisation, they associate the experience that they have with your recruitment brand, whether it’s through you or a third party

The Challenge


Communicating with every candidate to confirm receipt, reject or progress an application is time-consuming


You need to make applying and tracking application progress more accessible for candidates


You need help managing candidates through the initial stages of rejecting and progressing

The Solution

Candidate Communication

Maintaining communication with every candidate during the recruitment process is important if you want to provide a positive candidate experience. We ensure that every applicant receives a ‘thank you for your application’ response, every rejected candidate is informed that their application is no longer being considered, and every successful candidate at each stage is informed of the progress of their application.

Branded Applications

Improve the quality of not only your candidates but the candidate journey by taking them through a customised and fully branded application form. You will be able to shortlist quickly and efficiently knowing that each candidate will be meeting your essential criteria.

Apply with Mobile

At least half of the candidates that apply to your company will commence their application using a mobile device. Our entire system is mobile friendly and allows candidates to apply wherever they are, ensuring a smooth candidate journey.

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Email Job Alerts & Progress Reminders

Active candidates are not always readily available to search for vacancies and may forget to chase their application. With our job alerts and automatic progress reminders, candidates will constantly be kept in the loop. Not only does it enhance the candidate experience but reduces your admin time.

Candidate Dashboard

To make the candidate journey and experience even better, candidates can log on to their very own dashboard and monitor the progress of their applications. You can reduce the amount of query calls and promote transparency of your recruitment process.

Other recruitment services we can help you with…

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