Engage and induct your new hires from the point of job offer and they will hit the ground running from day one

It’s critical that any organisation actively recruiting has a vehicle to induct their new hires

Give your candidates a real-life taste of your organisation’s culture before their start date

A Poor Induction Process Can Lead To Lost Candidates

The employee induction is a process designed for new hires to be able to learn what the organisation expects from them and to ensure that the new hire reaches maximum productivity in the shortest time possible.

HR leaders and hiring managers invest a lot of time and money into finding the right employee for their business and the final decision is often made based on the candidate’s potential ability to perform in the role and the belief that they will start contributing to the business, quickly.

From the ‘attraction’ to the ‘selection’ stage in the recruitment process, the candidates that are progressed will often experience high levels of communication and engagement with the organisation; so why, at the critical stage after ‘job offer’, do so many companies reduce, or even stop, communication and engagement with the chosen candidate?

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Whats Next?

After accepting the position, it’s likely that your new hire will have to serve several weeks’ notice period with their current company; this is the time where continuous communication with your new hire to keep them engaged is important. If you start to induct your new hire during their notice period, you will be able to reduce the chance of them losing interest in the role or even accepting another position.

Failure to provide an engaging and well-strategised induction process can result in losing candidates before their start date, and for those that do start, they may find it difficult to integrate with the rest of the business and, as a result, leave very quickly.

Research has shown that a poor induction process can directly affect staff engagement, staff attrition, employer brand and levels of absenteeism, so it’s critical that any organisation actively recruiting has a vehicle to induct their new hires both away from the organisation and within the organisation.

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