Engage and induct your new hires from the point of job offer

Don’t Wait Until The Start Date To Induct Your New Hires

Give your candidates a real-life taste of your organisation’s culture before their start date

The Challenge


New hires spend their first few weeks meeting the team and fulfilling administrative tasks


It’s common for new hires to arrive on their first day and not have all of the equipment they need


Too many new hires start and then leave within the first six months of employment

Pre-Start Induction Date

Do your new hires start the induction process on their first day or do they hit the ground running? Using our induction app, your new hires can start their induction process from the day they sign their contract, so when they arrive at your office on day one, they’re ready to start adding value straight away.

Introduction to Health and Safety

Health and safety is an important part of the induction and there are often quite a few documents to read, presentations to sit through and even a video or two. Using our induction app, your new hires will be able to view all presentations and watch all videos, directly from their mobile phone or laptop, before their start date, and any forms that need signing to confirm that they have seen the information can be done via mobile, too.

New Hires Can Meet The Team

Taking new employees around the office to meet their team, management and other departments can be time-consuming and often doesn’t provide enough time to gain any real understanding as to what each person does. Using the induction app, new hires can engage existing employees in conversation about their department and even social events, so when your new hire arrives on their first day, they will already be familiar with their fellow employees.

Find out why an effective induction process is critical to every business

Hit The Ground Running With Project Updates

When new employees join an organisation, they have to get to grips with the company and its culture, get to know their team, and start to learn what their current projects are – so it can take a number of weeks before they start adding value to your business. The induction app allows most of these formalities to happen during your new hires notice period, additionally, their line manager can share and communicate current project information with them via the app to get them up to speed. So when your new hire arrives on their first day they’re ready to start adding value straight away.

Life-like Engagement With New Hires

The induction app provides a great platform for communication with new hires to help get them up to speed with their team and to keep them engaged during their notice period which helps prevent them from ‘dropping off’ – but it doesn’t have to stop here.

Your employees can continue to use the induction app to communicate with other new hires and team members throughout the life of their employment, helping to build stronger team relationships and share departmental and company news.

Exit Interview Feedback

People leave businesses, whether it’s for a new opportunity or due to changes in their personal life – but whatever the reason, it’s important for every business to understand ‘why’ employees leave. Using the induction app, you can digitally collect open and honest explanations from exiting employees as to why they are leaving, whilst formally closing off their employment chapter with you.

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