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Your Recruitment And Induction Challenges Determine Your Solution

Using proven best-practice, developed over 10 years of successfully working with customers from a range of sectors, we design recruitment solutions made up of both software and services to overcome your individual recruitment challenges. A short discovery call will indicate whether or not we can help you, and an in-depth conversation will allow us to present you with a solution that considers your existing hiring process and satisfies your recruitment goals.

The most effective recruitment process combines the right level of recruitment software and recruitment services into a single solution whereby the software creates a streamlined and efficient process for both candidate and recruiter, and our services provide additional recruitment skill and man power.

Attract candidates with a careers site that supports your brand

When you visit your website, what do you think to yourself? Is it easy to find the careers page? And when you do find the careers page, is it on brand with the rest of your site?

Getting the candidate to your careers page is the difficult part; stop losing candidates as a result of a badly designed website.

Let your brand do the talking with a customised careers site.

Overcome the administrative challenges associated with managing recruitment campaigns

Attracting the right talent might not be a problem for your business, you might have a brand that people are naturally drawn towards, but managing such a huge number of applications can be time-consuming and expensive.

Whether you receive hundreds, thousands or even millions of applications each year, our Applicant Tracking System will provide you with the essential tools and services needed to efficiently manage your hiring process.

We work with organisations from around the world to bring down the cost of hiring, by up to 70%, whilst delivering great quality candidates regardless of them having a small, large or even no dedicated recruitment team.

Position your organisation to attract the right candidates.

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Build candidate engagement into the Onboarding process

After the point of job offer, how many forms need to be completed by your new employee? How many of those forms are posted out to be completed, and how many are handed out on your new hires first day?

Linking your Onboarding process to your ATS will improve candidate experience and reduce the risk of lost candidates.

Onboarding is about to get easy.

Make Induction an experience, not a process

Would you like to remove the risk of losing your chosen candidate to a competitor after the point of job offer?

Minimise the risk of losing candidates after the point of job offer by engaging new hires with a company induction app.

Give a real-life taste of your organisation’s culture before a new hire’s start date.

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