Select The Best Candidate For Your Company In Less Time And For Less Money

On its own, a CV will not give you a strong enough picture of a candidate’s suitability for your organisation

Equip your hiring team with the tools to make better hiring decisions, in less time, and for less money

The Challenge


You use interviewing as part of your filtering process rather than your selection process


There is no set structure or standard for assessing the suitability of a candidate


Sharing feedback on each individual candidate between HR and Hiring Managers is disjointed

The Solution

Unlimited Hiring Manager Access

Having a recruitment process where Hiring Managers are in complete control can sometimes cause problems for a business, mainly due to the lack of visibility of their activity and the inability to ensure a uniform and fair hiring process.

With Vacancy Filler, no matter where your hiring managers are located, or how many you have, our solution allows unlimited access for them to engage with candidate information relevant to their specific hiring campaigns. This is a huge time-saver for your HR team as they no longer have to email applications to the hiring managers, or print out CVs and deliver them to another area of the building.

Skills-based Tests

Interviewing candidates is a time-consuming and costly part of the hiring process, so wherever possible, it’s beneficial to filter out unsuitable candidates.

Our library of free-to-use skills-based tests provide you with an additional layer of filtering tools to help save you both time and money, but also provide you with an accurate insight into the candidate’s performance capability, assisting you with hiring the best person for the job.

Candidate Ranking

Keeping track of which candidates are a good match, and which are not, can be difficult, especially when candidate information is being passed around in email or paper format.

Our Candidate Ranking module allows you to ‘rank’ your candidates in one location from within the system. This makes inviting candidates to interview, sending out rejection letters and tracking the progress of the campaign a lot easier.

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Scoring Matrix

It’s important to be fair when assessing the suitability of each candidate for a role, and ensuring that you are scoring them on the same criteria is one way to do this.

Our system gives you the ability to create a Scoring Matrix for each vacancy, so when your HR team or the hiring manager is assessing a candidate, they can be sure to consider the set scoring are

Video Interviews

Finding the right person for your business can take time, especially when considering the time it takes to arrange and complete an interview, and sometimes you’ll come across a whole pile of applications that, on paper, look perfect. Using video interviewing to further narrow down the choice is a great way to gain a better picture of the potential candidates, not only this, video interviewing removes the restriction of location, both nationally and internationally.

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