Our Reporting Module Uses Data From Your Ats To Shows Where Improvements Can Be Made

We make measuring, tracking and reporting on your recruitment activity an effortless process

Make your ATS data meaningful

The Challenge


Your current process doesn’t allow you to capture data on your recruitment process


Compiling reports is so time-consuming that it doesn’t make sense to do them


You need the same reports on a regular basis for meetings and it takes a long time to prepare them

The Solution

Reporting Templates

Without managing your recruitment process from within a single system, it can be very difficult to accurately report on your hiring activity and overall recruitment costs, not to mention how time-consuming it would be to try and create effective and meaningful reports in this way.

We provide you with a bank of reporting templates to cover the key metrics that HR departments most commonly request, allowing you to produce presentation-ready reports in seconds.

Real-time Dashboard Reports

Some reports are pulled every quarter, while others need to be pulled every month or week, but what do you do for the reports that you need to see on a daily basis?

We provide you with a dashboard of key reports that you can view on a daily basis, in real-time, such as how many candidates have applied to a specific recruitment campaign over night, or how many candidates in total have applied for a role.

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Custom Reports

Every business recruits in their own way, they have their own process and their own goals, so it’s understandable that every business values different recruitment metrics. The Vacancy Filler reporting engine takes this into consideration by allowing for Custom Reports to be created around the metrics that are important to you.

Scheduled Reports

To continually make improvements to your hiring process, you need to be tracking specific metrics around the cost of hire, advertising spend on different avenues and time to hire; it can be time-consuming to pull these reports, especially if they are required on a monthly or even weekly basis. The Vacancy Filler reporting module gives you the ability to automate the creation of multiple reports that can be emailed to you at your chosen frequency, saving you time and making you more effective.

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