We help organisations to make it an easy decision for their candidates

Just because you have decided a candidate is right for your business, it doesn’t mean they think your business is right for them

Get your chosen candidate to sign on the dotted line

The Challenge


There is a delay in job acceptance as the job offer is delivered by phone call and then a letter


Collecting your chosen candidate’s references can be time-consuming and disjointed


It’s costly when a candidate rejects a job offer if they take a long time to respond

The Solution

Job Offer Communications

Getting to the point of job offer is exciting for both the candidate and the company, but the way in which the job offer is communicated can cause problems and potentially discourage the candidate from accepting.

With Vacancy Filler, all communications can be done from within the system and a centralised record kept. An SMS message (built from a template) can be sent out for instant notification of the job offer, followed by an email (also built from a template) that has the relevant documentation attached for signing.

Reference Requests

Once the candidate has accepted the job, the next step is often to¬†gather references for the candidate’s past positions. This can be a disjointed and lengthy process if managed via email and telephone. Having the ability to request references via a templated email directly from within the system allows you to maintain a centralised and trackable recruitment process.

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