Position Your Organisation To Attract The Right Candidates

The Most Common Problem When Attracting New Talent Is Attracting Enough Of The Right Talent

Give Your Organisation an Almost Unfair Advantage Over the Competition in Talent Management

The Challenge


Your vacancies don’t attract enough applications to get a good idea of the available talent


You don’t have an effective method of finding talent from within your organisation


Your careers page and other recruitment initiatives aren’t accessible to the right candidates

The Solution

Branded Careers Page

Candidates can quickly become disorientated and confused by the recruitment journey your website sends them on if the brand is not consistent and the process they are about to take is not set out clearly in front of them, and this can lead to abandoned applications.

We design, and build, fully-branded careers pages that integrate with your existing website and act as a central point for potential employees to search and apply for your current vacancies. With a Vacancy Filler solution, your brand doesn’t disappear at your careers page, it becomes a tool that strengthens your employer brand and provides a positive candidate experience, every time.

Customised Application Forms

Some roles require more information from the applicant in order to apply, this is where custom application forms are important. If you have the same generic application form for every position, you may deter a potential applicant from applying due to the process appearing unnecessarily long. On the flip side, if you don’t have all of the fields in your application form, you’ll need to chase the applicant for more information which is time-consuming. Custom application forms allow you to have different forms for each role type, so each applicant only completes form fields that are relevant.

Uncover the reason that you aren’t attracting quality candidates

Job Board Advertising

No matter how big or small your company brand is, job boards are always available to add value by extending the reach of your recruitment advertising. We have developed a job board package that delivers both excellent value and an impressive market reach, giving you a clearer view of the available talent. Using our software, you can create an advert once and then post it out to our full suite of job boards.

Your Existing Intranet

Does your business offer progression from within to its employees?

It’s likely that you will already have talented individuals working for you who are interested in progressing into another area of your business. We can create a careers page for your intranet so that internal talent has the opportunity to apply first.

Talent Pooling

How often do you come across great talent who just miss the mark during a recruitment campaign? Wouldn’t it be great if you could revisit that same bank of talent at a later date when a similar position becomes available within your organisation?

Our Talent Pool feature allows you to access ANY candidate that you wish to store from ANY recruitment campaign, saving you not only time when hiring, but also the cost of re-advertsing.

Considering Young People

How easily do you attract young talent to your organisation? Lots of businesses are ‘suffering’ from an ageing workforce, which might not be a problem right now, but in time, you will need to replace those employees. The younger generation of workers is the answer.

We have partnered with Access Generation to help our clients to benefit from the skill and knowledge that young people can bring to an organisation. If you are considering a graduate scheme or apprenticeships, or even if you simply want to attract more young people, we can help to make your organisation more accessible, and more appealing, to talented young workers.

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