Attract the best talent to your organisation with our applicant tracking system

Overcome The Administrative Challenges Associated With Managing Recruitment Campaigns

The Challenge


Managing applications in multiple formats is not only time-consuming but it can lead to errors


Transferring information via email can lead to lost applications or delays in progressing a candidate


Without a system in place, it’s not practical to communicate with every candidate about their application

The Solution

Streamline All Candidate Applications

One of the biggest consumers of time is changing task – so when hiring, if you’re having to flit between paper applications, CV’s in your inbox and phone calls from recruiters, not to mention the recommendations handed to you on post-it notes from existing employees, the time spent managing applications soon mounts up!

Using an ATS will allow you to advertise your roles in multiple locations whilst only accepting applications in the format that you choose. Parsing technology, forms, and CV upload functionality means that candidates can apply to your roles with ease, but processing those applications remains manageable.

How Exactly Can An ATS Help Me?

Maybe managing the format in which people apply to your business is the least of your problems. Are you struggling to attract candidates to your organisation? Are you losing good candidates during the recruitment process? Or maybe you need to show the board analytics that demonstrates an effective and efficient hiring process?

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