supporting education for the children in Guatemala and also helping the local community

Care in the community, consideration for people, working towards a better environment.

We believe that we have the ability to influence and transform lives and not just locally, but globally. We work together with the aim of creating a positive impact wherever and whenever we can.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility should reflect the way we do business. We hope our CSR will help us to ensure that we are operating ethically and in a transparent and accountable way.

Caring for our communities, the environment, our colleagues and our customers, quite simply, is at the heart of who we are and what we do – making a sustainable difference every day.





Charity Work

Vacancy Filler are proud sponsors of 5 children in Guatemala through the great charity, “Education for the Children”. EFTC exist for one purpose, to break the cycle of poverty through education and enterprise at the heart of the community.

The money that we donate to each child helps to pay for tuition fees, school meals, books and other learning materials for the entire year.

We have always had close relationships in Education and see it as an extremely important factor in the growth of communities, businesses and individuals; and this connection to education is the reason we chose EFTC as our charity. The money that we donate every year to EFTC goes towards “The School of Hope” in Guatemala. The school helps children all the way from Kindergarten to College. The families of the students cannot afford to pay for books, supplies, uniform, transportation or even food, so this is what the money we donate helps towards.

"The school of hope" - education for the children, 10th anniversary, Guatemala

The Foundation has a school in Jocotenango, Guatemala: an urban area where extreme poverty, gang crime, domestic violence and alcoholism are everyday realities. Food, healthcare, counselling and career guidance at the school remove obstacles to education and enable these students to realise their potential.

567 children and young adults study with EFTC in Guatemala. We work in partnership with these families to open doors for future generations.

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