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Vacancy Filler isn’t just a great place to work; it’s a great company to do business with, and we don’t see you as just a potential customer either, we see you as a potential partner.

We’re really good at what we do; we’re great at highlighting the areas in your recruitment process that are costing you time, money, candidates and even customers! However, when you’re continually using our software to find great staff for your organisation, eventually, you become the experts – and that’s why we listen to you with whatever feature requests, software tweaks or changes you might have – we call it a client-led development program.

I guess you could say that we’re one of those ‘digital’ companies, and the benefits of working in the cloud are great for our customers, but we’re still human, and we like to build relationships with the people we work with – nothing beats a face-to-face conversation. Plus, we have an office based in the beautiful and historic town of Loughborough in the East Midlands, and also an office in Canada that supports our North American clients – so come and see us.

Our History

Did you know that the reason Vacancy Filler was created was that CEO and founder, Alex Khakbiz, was getting frustrated with finding good people to help grow his business, and doing so whilst remaining cost-effective.

Alex already had a number of years’ experience in the IT and Education sectors, but realised that the other ATS providers in the market weren’t doing what he felt businesses of today needed. So Alex partnered with skilled developer, Mitesh Chauhan, and they started work on an idea that allowed businesses the option to side-step recruitment agencies and recruit effectively from within.

And that business went from strength to strength, helping hundreds of businesses of all shapes and sizes to take the back control for their own recruitment processes.


Deloitte Fast 50 fastest-growing UK technology companies – December 2016

Deloitte Fast 500 in the EMEA category – December 2016

Deloitte Fast 50 fastest-growing UK technology companies – December 2015

Deloitte Fast 500 in the EMEA category – December 2015

Ranked 4th best UK technology company employer by Glassdoor 2014.

  • Colette Lamb

    The seamless integration with our existing careers page was one of the main reasons we purchased the Vacancy Filler system. For us, it was critical that the Retail Merchant Services’ brand, something we have spent a long time developing and nurturing, is maintained throughout the user experience.

    Colette Lamb
  • Bernie Franklin

    Andy, thank you very much for the visit last week. We have chosen you guys as our preferred supplier because we have built a strong business relationship with you (Dan you have been great), so hopefully we can continue to work together to build on the success that we have already seen.

    Bernie Franklin
  • Ella Wheeler

    I completed my first shortlist on Vacancy Filler last night and wanted to let you know that it is a thing of beauty!

    I think I am actually in love with Vacancy Filler. What a brilliant thing!

    Ella Wheeler