Find the best talent by shortlisting with this Applicant tracking system

Effortless short-listing

Tools that make it easy to keep your candidates updated throughout the entire process, whilst providing a top level view of all outgoing communication.

Nearly 70% of organisations report having lost out on a potential candidate as a direct result of the length of their recruitment process, or lack of communication during the process. If finding the perfect candidate from hundreds of CVs wasn’t hard enough, then try doing it with broken communication between your hiring team – that really adds to the confusion!

Vacancy Filler’s powerful candidate selection module makes it easy to quickly identify those with the right skills for the job, allowing for multiple users to assess and shortlist candidates in a centralised and fully trackable portal; allowing for perfect synchronisation of the whole hiring team, no matter where or when they log in.

Screening questions

Screening (Killer) Questions enable businesses to eliminate unsuitable candidates from the recruitment process. The Vacancy Filler system gives you the control to decide what questions you want to include so not only can this greatly improve your quality of hire, but this can also save you a huge amount of time when sorting candidates as only those matching your key criteria will make it through the screening question stage.

Background Screening

Vacancy Filler can offer background screening services either as an extension to our recruitment services or as a self-service option for software customers to initiate and manage various background checks on both new starters and existing employees – this can be done without leaving the Vacancy Filler Recruitment Solution.

You have access to an extensive range of checks; these can be grouped together to create a ‘screening profile’ and these can be associated with a specific job or group of jobs. With an unlimited number of ‘profiles’ that can be managed by your in-house administrator, you will be able to effortlessly check each candidate or employee.

Candidates and employees can complete these checks, without creating a login, simply by clicking a one-time secure link to complete an online form which can be branded using your company’s logo; supporting documents such as passports or utility bills can be uploaded electronically and attached to the submission.

Filtering tools

As CVs or applications start to come into the system, you can instantly start filtering through them by using the simple flagging system within the vacancy Filler system. This allows you to view a candidate’s CV or application, directly from the system, making shortlisting a quick and effortless task.

If required, you can also utilise a scoring matrix where you can set a criteria per role, and then score the candidate against the set criteria.

In addition to this, if your candidates have applied using a CV, you will have the ability to underline, circle, add sticky notes and write on the actual CV – exactly as you would do if you had printed the original CV off!

Candidate testing

Many Applicant Tracking Systems are designed to deliver reduced time and cost-of-hire compared to traditional processes. At Vacancy Filler, we want to take this to the next level and also focus on the Quality-of-Hire. We do this in a number of ways; through candidate assessment and analytics.

Currently, customers can take advantage of over 200 on-line aptitude assessments ranging from numeracy and literacy through to Microsoft Office skills, accounting skills, customer service skills, and also role-play testing scenarios.

Psychometric assessment is another important aspect to the assessment regime, but traditionally candidates would only be invited to conduct an assessment towards the very end of the process as it tends to be cost prohibitive to screen volumes of candidates.

Vacancy Filler has partnered with a leading Psychometric assessment provider to provide an integrated solution which can be applied on a volume basis either at the very beginning or certainly much earlier in the process than would otherwise be the case, to automatically identify suitable candidates based on their Personal Profile Analysis (PPA).

Video interviewing

Using Video Interviewing Technology saves significant time for both the hiring manager and the candidate. It not only helps you to widen the number of potential candidates you wish to review, but provides a realistic alternative to travelling, particularly where long distances are involved.

Video Interviewing will help remove the restrictions of time and location, provides a platform for consistent comparison, allows you to process more candidates and delivers best use of resources and time.

The applicant tracking system with a built in video interview module

Interview scheduling

Many of our customers have found that matching up availability for interviews is not only difficult task, but it’s also massively time consuming.

Vacancy Filler streamlines the interview scheduling process by automating the time-slot selection process via email notifications. Candidates can simply log into the system, select an appropriate time slot and the recruiter is automatically informed.

Vacancy Filler users are able to take all of the relevant information into the interview with them on a smart phone, tablet or laptop ready to conduct and score the interview.

Hiring manager portal

Almost every recruitment campaign will have Hiring Managers as an important part of the final recruitment decision.

It is key for most In-house recruiters to be able to communicate effectively with Hiring Managers, even when they are located at different offices or even a different country. We pride ourselves on supplying you with a product that combines all of the necessary tools needed to ensure that the recruiter-hiring manager relationship is fluid and simple.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Pre-screening/ Killer Questions
  • CV parsing
  • Multiple application views for your own preference
  • Keyword search
  • Make annotations and notes on applications or CVs
  • More than 200 skills-based pre-hire tests
  • Simple Online Video Interviews
  • Pass applications to managers without personal data
  • Collaborative shortlisting across the whole hiring team
  • Automated acknowledgements to candidates
  • Send individual or bulk emails & SMS
  • LiveChat for candidate support
  • Automated & interactive interview arrangement
  • Even upload your current database of candidates