Safety and security of your date and our software is important and that is why we cover all angles to ensure it

Infrastructure Scalability and Performance.

Vacancy Filler is a cloud-based service built on a shared infrastructure and delivered as a Virtual Private Cloud hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The system has been designed, built and maintained by Vacancy Filler and consequently we need not rely on a third-party infrastructure organisation to maintain the system. This gives us a great deal of control and flexibility and because the infrastructure is based on a multi-tiered architecture it has superior resilience and performance compared with many of our competitors. In a recent survey, Gartner has placed AWS as a clear leader in Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) market place.

We are able to increase the number of processor cores, system memory, disk space and network bandwidth remotely in less than an hour. For customers with seasonal variances, we have the ability to increase the system resources when required and conversely reduce the resources when the demand has passed.

During peak times additional server instances maybe brought online to help distribute the load. This computing elasticity is a fundamental design concept of the AWS service.

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Performance monitoring

The resilient architecture allows us to monitor and manage the load on the servers as well as monitoring the potential bottleneck in both the servers and networks and will automatically failover if there is an outage of one of the servers.

Vacancy Filler provides the following support services:
• Server monitoring & administration
• Data storage & backup
• Data archiving
• Email services & email archiving
• Network Security
• Disaster recovery
• Customer and Candidate Help Desk

Vacancy Filler complies with ITIL v3 standards of Service Level Support. The Service Management function, allied to the Software Development Team, monitors incident reporting, problem management, potential security breaches, requests for change, patches, cycles of upgrades, service pack roll outs and change control.

Data storage and retention

Our customers’ data is not held or processed outside the European Economic Area but in Amazon’s data centre located in Ireland thus ensuring compliance with EU data regulations.

Further information on the standard and compliance of customers’ data can be found on the Amazon Website

Data security and monitoring

Vacancy Filler uses two different performance monitoring products. Alarms in the form of e-mails and / or SMS alerts are used to monitor overall service and to provide notification if the system falls outside of certain parameters or there are is any suspicious activity.

Vacancy Filler will periodically and at least annually, commission an independent third-party penetration testing organisation to check the security, integrity and resilience of the software platform.

make recruitment and candidate data security part of your HR Strategy

  • Flexibility in the amount of space needed such as during peak times
  • Hosted with Amazon Web Services, so your data is safe
  • Customer and Candidate Help Desk
  • Data is processed and stored in Europe ensuring compliance with EU data regulations