Recruitment analytics that result in a streamlined recruitment process

Reporting and analytics.

Improve team morale, increase office productivity and reduce staff attrition rates through recruitment-focused analytics.

It is becoming increasingly more important for Human Resources, In-house Recruiters and Hiring Managers to know exactly what is happening with their recruitment process; from knowing which campaigns are live and how long it takes on average to hire a candidate, to where your best candidates are coming from.

There are a number of areas that you should be able to report on in order to ensure an optimised and streamlined recruitment process, and these can really help a company to see exactly how effective their existing process is, and where they might need to make further changes.

Vacancy Filler’s Recruitment Software will provide your in-house recruiters and HR team with detailed reports, recruitment analytics and the required insights to continuously improve the overall effectiveness of your internal recruitment processes.

Vacancy Filler’s easy to navigate dashboard gives you a visually attractive overview of the key analytics that you require in order to monitor what is working within each activity and what needs improving. Vacancy Filler captures all of the data that you will need, so continually improving your recruitment process is made quick, easy and more importantly, accurate.

Analytics can highlight some surprising results, for instance, if your business has a referral scheme, but analytics suggest that less than 5% of new recruits are acquired through this method, you could suggest that a change is needed to the incentive program tied to the referral scheme.

Strong analytics focused around your recruitment process can not only help you to measure results for reporting purposes, but they can also help you to make changes to improve team morale, increase office productivity and reduce staff attrition rates.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Instant, real-time analytics on campaigns
  • Quick reporting on equality and diversity
  • Complete transparency of every aspect of your recruitment strategy
  • Visual graphs representing data
  • 6 individual reports