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When a Candidate Turns Employee

Reduce time to productivity, improve employee retention.

The On-boarding process is intrinsic to the recruitment process and is a critical part of a strategic talent management program. Vacancy Filler’s On-Boarding module ensures that your new hires are brought into your organisation in a timely and efficient manner. What’s more, the process can be delegated to the Hiring Managers, thus, further reducing the administrative burden on the HR and Recruitment team.  Candidates will also feel that their hand is being held throughout ensuring a positive experience.

On-boarding is often overlooked by busy managers who believe that it’s human resources’ responsibility. With no clear owner, high complexity, and high stakes, the on boarding process often leaves the new hires feeling anxious and unappreciated. This can lead to first-year turnover, less-than-engaged employees, and longer times to productivity/contribution.

Simple integration of information

Seamless data integration with your existing HR software to ensure your new hires are on-boarded in a timely manner.

Vacancy Filler uses a flexible API that gives us the ability to seamlessly integrate with your existing HR systems – and this is where many recruitment systems would normally fail as they haven’t realised the importance of making the data transferable.

Making the change from an old process to a new one can be all the more daunting if your existing database cannot be incorporated, while a recruitment system is next to useless if candidates’ data cannot be exported into other HR systems, such as payroll or training and development modules.

Vacancy Filler offers seamless data integration from your recruitment solution to your existing HR applications, reducing retyping and improving accuracy. New starters can quickly be imported and synced in real-time, ensuring the transition from candidate to employee is a smooth one.

Data transfer from existing Talent Pools

You can also import any existing CVs you already hold, straight into your Vacancy Filler talent pool with exceptional speed to ensure a seamless move from your previous recruitment methods.

In summary, the Vacancy Filler On-Boarding module will;

  • Generate a tailored Job Offer message to the candidate for acceptance or rejection on-line
  • If accepted, go onto generate a Contract of Employment by merging the candidate, job description and company contract template data and present it to the candidate to view, download and / or accept on-line
  • Generate Request to Reference e-mails to the Candidate’s referees
  • Provide follow up documentation in the form of e-mail templates and attachments for issuing important company policy documents
  • Capture new starter information such as Bank Details, Next-of-Kin, Beneficiary and even uniform sizes, if relevant, using a customisable application form
  • Provide acknowledgement e-mails to the new employee including login details to your Learning Management System so that they can start the induction process before they walk through the gate
  • Post the New Starter information electronically to your incumbent HR and Payroll system using Vacancy Filler’s flexible API.


Key Features and Benefits

  • Import candidate details into other HR software
  • Transfer CVs from your old database
  • Easy to migrate from other recruitment systems
  • No restrictions on exporting your data