Recruitment software that ticks all the boxes for the Education and public sectors whilst allowing for quick analytics and equality and diversity reporting

The best recruitment software for the Public Sector, with tools designed specifically for the education, government and not-for-profit sectors.

Align your recruitment process with top level company goals and reduce the risk of poor or costly management decisions.

Partnering with a number of educational establishments from primary to further education, government agencies and a range of charities, we have succeeded in developing a number of tools specifically for eliminating the common pains associated with recruiting in these sectors – making Vacancy Filler the best recruitment software for the public sector.

Based on our experience working with recruitment teams in the Public & Not-for-profit Sectors, Vacancy Filler has incorporated standard features into a solution that offers a comprehensive e-Recruitment system built specifically recruitment in these sectors.

Functionality includes vacancy authorisation processes, anonymising of application forms, selection panels, anonymous candidate lists, scoring matrix against person specifications, Guaranteed Interview Scheme management, integrated online referencing and a Reporting suite that incorporates equal opportunities – these are just some of the features that make Vacancy Filler the best recruitment software for the Public Sector.

Whether your key challenge is speeding up time-to-hire, cutting agency fees, improving consistency in recruitment processes, involving panel members or meeting regulatory and diversity requirements, Vacancy Filler has the solution to ensure your success.

We have a number of case studies available on request.

We're on G-cloud

Vacancy Filler Ltd have been awarded a place on the G-Cloud 6 Framework Agreement RM1557vi – Lot 3 Software as a Service (SaaS) following a tender process OJEU 2014/S 217-384124.

The framework has been let by the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) and is a multi-supplier vehicle for the purchase of cloud-based IT services, by public bodies in central government and across the wider public sector. It is available for use by contracting bodies throughout the whole of the UK, including Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Since cloud computing allows organisations to access internet-based computing, rather than investing heavily in their own hardware and software, there are a number of advantages to purchasing products in this way. These include the ability to:-
• avoid long contracts
• buy the exact amount of computing resources required
• save money on maintenance and physical storage
• avoid custom-built solutions which take a long time to create, are expensive and difficult to upgrade

The supplier offerings are made available on a government portal called the Digital Marketplace where buyers find and compare cloud services listed on the G-Cloud framework.

Confidential shortlisting

Managers can be passed applications without candidates’ names or equality data when shortlisting, adhering to the sector’s guidelines and procedures. Multiple managers can shortlist independently and won’t see how other managers have scored candidates.

During the shortlisting process, managers can score candidates against a person specification checklist online. The scores are then fed back to the HR team who can see which candidates have scored the highest. If multiple managers are shortlisting these scores are collated to make a fair decision.

Equality and diversity reports

Vacancy Filler allows users to generate instant Equality and Diversity reports at the click of a button. Reports can be for individual campaigns or over a designated time period. The report shows all stages of the recruitment process and is also able to be exported from the system into Excel.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Confidential shortlisting
  • Calendar module
  • 1-click posting to a range of UK job boards
  • Equality and Diversity reports
  • Option to export to Excel
  • Report on time frames & individual campaigns