You can attract the best talent by using the Vacancy Filler HR Recruitment Software

Attract top talent to your organisation

It’s the people, not the product, that makes a business successful, so attracting the best candidates is critical to any successful recruitment campaign.

The majority of candidates are no longer job hunting in newspapers and shop windows, and finding the right talent for your business is essential for its success, so you need to ensure that your vacancies are advertised where the talent is looking!

Vacancy Filler Recruitment Software’s ‘Attraction’ Portal allows you access to a selection of tools that give you the choice to post your vacancies to the right places so that you can be in front of the right candidates and a step ahead of your competition.

Improving your corporate careers page

When designing and implementing a recruitment strategy to attract the very best talent to your organisation, your careers page is probably the single most important element to get right.

A good careers page should be exciting, informative and easy to navigate; inviting candidates to consider their next move whether it’s the next logical step in their careers or whether they might consider a career change.

The public facing page clearly demonstrates to everybody your organisation’s adoption, or otherwise, of modern technology and how easy you are to engage with.

If the careers page is dull, clunky and repetitive, then this suggests your organisation is too with a “make-do” attitude that doesn’t like to spend money. It has connotations of underinvestment in other parts of the business.

Research suggests that at least half of the candidates will at least commence their application using a mobile device. Your careers page needs to be mobile friendly to capture this traffic. The Vacancy Filler careers page and application form will automatically re-size to accommodate the device.

Having a modern and engaging careers page will significantly help in attracting candidates. This means that there is less reliance on spending with agencies and perhaps job boards too.

Every interaction is important, remember; Today’s candidate could be tomorrow’s client.

Saving time with automated job board posting

Want to save time with automated job board posting?

Tightly integrated to the job boards you post to, Vacancy Filler allows users to easily post vacancies to multiple third-party job boards and automatically track and report on candidate sources. Vacancy Filler Job Posting integration is designed to fully automate the process of advertising available positions to your choice of online job boards.

As an alternative to building your own relationships with various job boards, use our relationship with them!

Our partnerships with both multi sector and industry specialist job boards will allow us to help you attract the top talent from them.

Social media integration

With a wealth of potential talent utilising leading platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, Social Media is quickly becoming the sourcing method of choice. Our Social Media integration is designed to help businesses gain targeted exposure amongst hundreds and thousands of passive job seekers and proactively identify candidates with the skills you require.

Flexible application form

Many recruiting organisations require their candidates to complete an application form when applying for a role. This not only deters serial applicants (those who would “fire off a CV” to any and all vacancies they could find), but also guarantees consistency and allows you to get the information you need from the candidate as opposed to the partial picture you can get from a CV.

Vacancy Filler recruitment software provides the facility to, for each role, choose whether to receive applications in the form of a CV, an application form or both.

In providing online application form solutions, one challenge we have faced in recent times is just how varied each organisation’s requirements are to any other. Not only does Employer Brand impact on the requirements of an organisation’s application form, but so too do the various industry laws as well as each organisation’s various screening, vetting and on boarding processes.

Our customisable application forms will allow the system to effectively emulate customers’ own paper-based or bespoke web form while still offering all the powerful features available in the applicant tracking system.

The custom application form addresses the following challenges, allowing our clients to:
• Include any question required in any preferred order
• Include any supporting information (even embedding videos)
• Make any field mandatory/optional
• Maintain multiple forms to choose from each time a role is created
• Customise what information is displayed to different users

The new application form is designed for candidate needs also:
• Pagination and progress bar breaks form into smaller sections
• Save and Quit buttons allows candidates to save their progress and return
• Inline editing is more user friendly
• Forms are specifically designed to work on any device

Use your talent pool to store great candidates from your graduate recruitment campaigns

Talent pooling future employees

It can be difficult to proactively recruit for future needs without the use of a focused and searchable database, that has the ability to quickly and easily engage with identified talent.

Vacancy Filler Recruitment Software allows you the tools to build and engage with a community of quality candidates who have shown an active interest in your organisation and your industry.

Additionally, our job alert feature will allow for candidates to be alerted by e-mail for any similar roles that may be coming along in the future without the need for pre-registration. Candidates need only enter their e-mail and contact details (as a minimum), avoiding the need to create an account which can deter a lot of candidates from registering.

Agency and PSL module

We understand that no route to attract the best candidates are set in stone for any particular role; which is why our system also offers an agency module which allows you to put an effective process in place for working with agencies on your PSL.

Want to work out your agency spend at the end of the year?

Vacancy Filler will give you the right tools to be able to manage, report and reduce any and all existing agency costs. We ensure that you are able to work collaboratively with your preferred suppliers list when you need to, but also provide you with the tools to work independently when you are able to – providing you with massive reductions in recruitment agency spend.

Key Features and Benefits

  • One click job posting to multiple sources
  • Integrated Careers page
  • Post to multiple leading Job Boards
  • Optimised LinkedIn Job Posting
  • Post to Preferred Suppliers List
  • Single, Centralised, Application Inbox
  • Access to existing Talent Pool of Candidates
  • Engage Passive Candidates for Future Roles
  • Unlimited Storage Space for Pooling Candidates
  • Even upload your current database of candidates