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Engage your employees – from candidates to management

A built-in communication tool that allows you to give your first-round candidates an insight into your business and your culture; this ‘real-life’ interaction allows your potential employees to experience your company’s values and culture first-hand, before any offer is made.

This is the solution for businesses suffering with disengaged staff, loss of candidates to competition during the recruitment process, or new hires leaving within the first 6 – 12 months of employment.

Spend more time on other HR or Recruitment focused tasks

Tools such as targeted and bulk messaging help to free up time for the recruiter manually responding to rejected candidates, next stage candidates or to candidates with missing information.

For recruitment teams that do not currently respond to every candidate, this capability will allow you to enhance your brand and create a candidate journey that aligns with your company values.


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A configurable solution for any sized organisation

Whether you are looking to align your recruitment activities to a wider HR or business strategy, or simply reduce your spend on recruitment advertising or agencies, Vacancy Filler offers a range of solutions to suit any size or culture.

Vacancy Filler allows you to centralise your recruitment activities, with the added bonus of allowing all aspects of the hiring process to be devolved in whichever fashion suits your organisation. The ability to post adverts, communicate (internally as well as externally) and shortlist can be given to as many or as few users as required. This allows autonomous recruiting while maintaining a top level view over your entire recruitment process.

Advert and email templates can be created and stored within the system, making it easy to ensure every job description and communication embodies your culture and values no matter where they come from in the organisation.

Experienced support offering

Our dedicated support team take on the implementation effort themselves, train your colleagues, can assist you with your own recruitment activities, and offer a world class candidate support service – all so you don’t have to!

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use our recruitment software to video interview and test candidates, they can also use social media integration


A solution for the long-term

By investing in Vacancy Filler, you are investing in tomorrow’s solutions too. Our client-led development process means the product is constantly improving, delivering new features to improve your recruitment activities. With Vacancy Filler, your recruitment process need never fall behind the times.

I’m lost, I could do with all of this explaining to me – HELP?

Particularly when moving from a manual recruitment process (this means that you still collect paper CV’s or ask for digital copies to be sent to your inbox), considering recruitment software can seem like a daunting project.


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Let us make it easy for you.

If there is anything you would like to know, are unsure of, or even if you have absolutely no idea where to start, let us make it easy for you; we can have a consultant call and answer all of your questions.

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